Cascos Indomables


Cascos indomables | Untamed helmets

Feature Film - Comedy (In postproduction)

They call him Mancha due to the birthmark that covers his face. He works with a group of messengers and his girlfriend only likes sex on motorcycles. When a massive layoff threats with taking away their job and informal lifestyle, Mancha will have to emerge in a new way: as a leader of the group, dodging usual and unusual obstacles.

Supported by

Résidence de la Cinéfondation | Cannes Film Festival

3 Puertos Cine | Buenos Aires - Valdivia - Rotterdam

Locarno Filmmakers Academy

27th Rencontres de Toulouse Cinéma Développement

BrLab Workshop | Sao Paulo Film Festival

Paris Coproduction Village

Cinergia and Programa Proartes | Costa Rica

El Fauno | Costa Rica

Ibermedia | Costa Rica - Chile